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21 June 2009
Criying @ 8:38 AM

Yes i'm crying (again) fuh rasanya air mata gak mau berhenti . Biarin mau mata gue bengkak ato apalah gue udah gak peduli. Yes it's time to hear Kataomoi no Chiisana Koi by Tegomass.

I love you so much, I cannot sleep
This little love will never come true
It's surely you, you
Even after slipping into the futon

I can never reach your
Face's dazzling side profile
I must forget, I cannot forget
It's flooding my heart

This unrequited love, if there's an end
Please tell me
This unrequited love, I want you to realize it
We cannot backtrack. This is surely love

you think you know me.

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