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07 May 2010
And I Say Goodbye @ 7:14 PM

I hate to say good-bye
Yet we have to say farewell
For we shall meet again
That I can foretell

The future is unpredictable
Tomorrow is uncertain
Keep our laughs and memoirs
But I wish you have no burden

We shall keep on learning
Remain as students and become as mentors
Face the unknown with confident yearning
Pursue our life endeavors

Farewell, my friends, adieu
I utter it with pain
Farewell, my friends, adieu
In sunshine or in rain

Farewell, my friends, adieu
This day would come, we knew
Our dreams we shall pursue
For now, my friends, adieu


Terima Kasih sudah mengisi hari hari gue selama 3 tahun ini menjadi penuh warna. Semoga kenangan kita selama 3 tahun ini gak akan terhapus begitu saja ya. I won't forget y'all


Even if a very long time passes
Even if you and I become a bit different
I want to dream forever with you like this
The one who fulfilled my wishes, the one who became my faith, with you

you think you know me.

Jessica Nathania.15.HSJ and SJ.innocent
create &inspire.